Woman Believes In Afterlife After Allegedly Receiving Fax From Deceased Husband

August 20, 2012 By In Fax and email, Fax to Email No Comment

When someone that you love passes away most people begin to wonder how it all works. What happens after you die? Many look for some sort of proof that there is indeed an afterlife so that they can feel better, knowing that their loved ones are in a better place. A woman from Lebanon, Tennessee claims to have proof of this very thing. Faye Aldridge recently lost her husband, Burke Aldridge to cancer. While Burke was in the final stages of the dread disease he made a vow to her that he would reach out to her from the afterlife, more specifically, a fax from heaven.

Naturally Faye assumed that this was the result of the considerably large doses of morphine that had been administered to her husband. Imagine how shocked Faye Aldridge was when she actually received her fax.  Faye Aldridge is a deeply religious woman and she had immense faith that God would perform a miracle and heal her husband from the devastating effects of cancer. Most of all, Faye Aldridge believes that death is not the end for anyone.Faye Aldridge and her husband Burke first found out about the cancer in two thousand and five. She prayed a great deal with her husband, confidently believing that, with enough faith in God that He would provide them with the miracle that they so desperately sought. Together they read the bible every day but sadly after only just twenty one days her husband succumbed to the disease. Burke Aldridge was dead at just fifty three.

After only a few hours after his death two surgeons, strangers to one another, both claimed to have been visited by Burke before either of them had been made aware or been informed that Burke Aldridge had in fact passed away. both doctors, one an oncologist and the other a neurosurgeon decided to inform Burke’s wife of their experience. The really strange part is that both doctors chose to do so via fax, this is what Faye believes to be proof from her husband that there is indeed an afterlife.