Why You Should Start Using Fax Email

September 26, 2012 By In Fax, Fax to Email No Comment

Are you still using that traditional fax machine in your office that is hiding away in the corner?  Still getting irritated every time you get a busy tone or sigh when the power goes out and you are not able to send that all important fax?  Well this could become something of the past as soon as you invest in a email fax service.  Since everything is about being fast and convenient these days, email fax services fit right in with the program.  Email faxing is also known as online faxing and is becoming increasingly popular as the years go by. Signing up is extremely easy and can be done at www.faksnaepos.co.za.

With an online faxing service or email faxing service you are issued with your own unique fax number and you will then receive your faxes via email.  Using an email fax service will save you a lot of money.  Just think about all the things a traditional fax machine needs in order to operate.  It needs maintenance, paper, a phone line, ink etc.  By using a  fax email service you are eliminating all of these costs at once.  When starting out you will also be able to try out the email fax system for a month obligation free.

An email fax is very convenient as you are able to receive your faxes in your email inbox whether you are in the country or not.  So if you travel a lot, this system would be perfect for you.  Think also about that one little word that is being drilled into your head almost every day.  Green!  Using an email fax service is much friendlier on the environment as it prevents the wastage of paper since you only need to print vital documents.  Or you can just archive them for later use.

Email fax is very popular as there are no down-times regarding it.  No busy signals either.  So when the power goes out, this does not mean you will not receive your faxes and the faxes won’t get stuck in limbo in cyberspace either.  You will be able to receive and send multiple faxes at one.  It really doesn’t get much more convenient than this. You can find more information at www.fax-to-email.za.org.