Why Online Fax Is Better For The Environment

September 25, 2012 By In Fax to Email, Printing & Faxing No Comment

With millions of fax2email being sent and received every month, it is safe to assume that the millions of papers consumed by this task alone put a  lot of stress on the environment. Aside from only the paper, imagine the litres and litres of ink and toner cartridges it also consumes.

If you  were to sit and calculate all of the resources it takes to print all of these faxes, it is easy to see how the internet fax is much more environmentally  friendly.  Because the email to fax service is performed entire online there is simply no more need for the conventional fax machine. You won’t need this machine  anymore, nor would you need to pay for a dedicated fax line. What is even better, you won’t have to keep the machine stocked of expensive toner  cartridges and ink either.  When you receive a fax, it will be delivered to your inbox as a normal email attachment.

There are many reasons to change to online faxing, but a large reason to switch over is to become a sustainable part of society by using better resources that do not affect the environment. Using the online version allows companies to cut down on waste. Fax paper has been known to create a mass of waste as its properties are harmful to the planet. Chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide and chlorine are having a massive downfall to the recycling process that has been instituted to create a greener living. The same applies to the ink cartridges found in fax machines. Once discarded and if not recycled, they can block landfills.

The benefits of online faxing are evident in many ways, but in assisting the environment in not losing resources is a big one. One has the option of recycling your old fax machine. That is the first step into switching over. Once you go online, you have the choice of printing the pages you need instead of the whole document. The cost is eliminated by not wasting all this unnecessary paper that is fed into the machine and chucked out when not important. There is no need for a phone line, thus allowing the office to save on energy and material charges. Due to the services being on a digital platform, one can access their archives at any point on any device that connects to the internet. This enables people to move around during the day and still receive faxes without checking into the office first. Due to the services being available through email accounts, there is no need to print copies to share with people, you can forward information online which is easy and won’t affect the environment.

You can then open the document and peruse it at your leisure.  If you think the message warrants a hard copy printout, then you can go ahead and print the message. However, many times all that is needed is simply  for you to forward the fax message as an email to the relevant person, or you can start a paperless file on your computer where you can archive the  faxes.  In the past people and companies would often times receive a lot of spam faxes. The problem with this is that people had no way of scanning the faxes  and seeing if it is really something they wanted. No, they had to print the fax regardless. The email to fax service allows you to first vet the fax  to see if it is really a fax you would like, and can then decide at our leisure whether you would like to print it. No more need to print spam faxes!  With all of these aspects, it is easy to see how the online fax is much better for the environment than the traditional form of sending and receiving a  fax. For information on online faxing visit www.087fax.co.za or www.4internet.co.za.