Why Japan Refuses To Enter The 21st Century

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Leaving a legacy is as Japanese as chopsticks and martial arts. Japanese people are very traditional and they love being able to see objects in their natural physical form. This seems to include the traditional fax machine as well. Japanese people have an exceptional love for fax machines and the whole process that goes along with it.

In Japan time seems to be standing still. The age of technology stopped once they started sending fax machines. A recent study has revealed that more than half of all homes in Japan have at least one fax machine in working order and that is in daily use. It is not an exaggeration to say that millions of people in Japan prefer sending regular faxes over online faxing, fax to email services or even free fax to email services.

What’s more, over 1.7 million fax machines found new Japanese homes in 2012. This is in part the aftermath of the horrific March 2011 tsunami caused by a huge earthquake in which thousands lost everything.fax

Almost every single Japanese businessman sees the fax machine as an integral part of his daily routine. No matter how much fax to email services or online faxing technology has come and how many people around the world are using it, there is just no persuading the Japanese to go with the flow.

A scary thought: Most of the senior in Japan has never even attempted to use the internet, much less any type of fax 2 email / online faxing service.
Is there any hope that the Japanese population will accept the new way of faxing and move on technology-wise? That they will come to see fax to email services and online faxing in the same light as they view their much-loved traditional fax machines? No-one seems to think so. The general consensus around the issue is that since tradition is regarded very highly, the fax machine will remain a part of Japan’s culture forevermore. As weird as it may seem, at least the world’s future generations will always have a constant reminder of where it all started.