Why Fax To Email Is Good For Business

December 9, 2013 By In Articles, Fax to Email Comments Off on Why Fax To Email Is Good For Business

If you work in an office environment or own your own business, chances are you made use of a traditional fax machine for many years. Maybe you are still making use of the very same fax machine today. Isn’t it time to change to something more modern and efficient? These days, fax 2 email service providers are taking the corporate world by storm, and you and your business should not get left behind. The best thing about fax to email services is that it is exceptionally user-friendly and very reliable.Fax to email 1

Sending a fax via a fax to email or internet fax service provider means that all the costs associated with traditional faxing is cut out. With a traditional fax machine, one has to buy paper, ink, pay for the telephone line etc. When it comes to internet faxing, all of these are unnecessary and the service runs off your existing internet connection, meaning there are no extra fees involved.

Internet faxes are converted by the recipient’s email server into a readable email format. These types of faxes are sent in exactly the same way as one would send a regular email, with the only difference being that a fax number is entered into the email box instead of an email address. All relevant information stays on the faxed document, much the same as with emails, for eg. time and date the fax was sent as well as the fax number that was used for faxing.

There is no need to install any additional software in order to make use of internet fax services. You simply sign up with the fax 2 email service provider of your choice and they will provide you with a fax to email number. This number will be unique to your fax services and will be the one that people will use to send faxes to your email inbox.

In this day and age of extreme carbon emissions and scary climate changes, it is also good to know that making use of fax 2 email services is an environmentally-friendly thing to do. Not only are you saving the trees and forests, you are also cutting down on waste by not throwing away empty ink cartridges.