Which Is More Secure – Email Or Fax

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Many office workers have shared their frustrations with fax machines for many years. Top annoyances regarding fax machines include the long queue office workers need to wait in to get their chance at the machine, or when the machine don’t send correctly. Many times you are also barred from sending a fax when the fax machine is receiving a fax.

Many people consider email to be more reliable and convenient than fax machines. However, you shouldn’t just throw your fax machine out of the window – read up on why some people still consider faxes to be more secure than email.

Viruses in email attachments

Although there are a lot of office administrators that feel faxes are slow and outdated and can’t keep up with modern day’s fast paced corporate world, there are those that aren’t too enthralled by email either. Attachments received in emails can contain viruses which can completely bring your PC to a halt altogether. This can become quite a nightmare for the IT department to resolve and to reinstall any lost or damaged software while attempting to prevent the virus from spreading across the entire network.

Research has proven that almost any common attachment file that can be sent with email has the ability to carry a virus – this includes Word, Excel and PDF documents and applications files. The wide use of email attachments leaves office workers unable to vet every single attachment they open, making the likelihood of opening an infected attachment that much greater. This is certainly not a worry with faxes

Ready access to faxes

The truth is that faxes won’t get blocked like faxes do. Due to the high possibility that emails can contain viruses implanted in them and are actively targeted by hackers, emails frequently get blocked from being delivered to the inbox. This won’t ever be the case with faxes. Your message won’t ever be filtered as junk and you can be sure that you will receive all the faxes intended for your eyes. You won’t have the risk of having your system debilitated by a virus either.

There are pros and cons to each of them, but the point remains, fax to email is easy, hassle free and you will save a lot of money in the process. Visit http://www.comfax.ie/