What Are The Advantages Of Fax To Email Services

September 26, 2012 By In Fax to Email No Comment

Many businesses do not use fax machines anymore as online services have become more popular and a lot more affordable.  However there are still some who function with the help of the traditional fax machine.  A new rage these days is the fax to email services that you can use for business or personal purposes.  This is a very useful and convenient way to get your faxes if you are very busy and not in the office a lot. Read more about it at www.faxbook.org.

When someone sends you a fax you will be able to receive it and view it in your email inbox.  For travellers this is a very useful way of keeping in touch while they are not in the office or in the country for that matter.  As long as you have internet access where you are going you will be able to view your faxes at all times.  These days with a smart phone, you will also be able to view your faxes online.  The format is usually PDF for faxes that are sent to email, so you will also be able to print your fax out if need be.

The greatest advantage of receiving your faxes in your email inbox is that you won’t lose them as if often the case with a traditional fax machine.  Another great advantage is that you will have complete privacy and confidentiality when it comes to your faxes.  Only you and the sender of the fax will be able to view the document.  Convenience is at the order of the day in businesses and personal lives and being able to send and receive faxes via a fax to email service is just about as convenient as it gets.

Multiple copies of one documents takes a lot of time to get through a traditional fax machine, but when you receive a document via a fax to email service, you can print as many copies as you need in a much faster time.  Mass printing is also available as one of the advantages of fax to email services. Contact Comfax or www.faxbook.co.za to help you get set up with yours.