Use Fax Online To Reduce Costs

April 11, 2013 By In Fax to Email, Faxing & Printing Comments Off on Use Fax Online To Reduce Costs

Online fax services are the new and convenient way of sending and receiving faxed documents from all over the world. It is quick and easy to use and will leave you wondering why you ever bothered with traditional fax machines in the first place. A lot of money can be saved by your business because less ink and paper will be used around the office for faxing and your phone bill will exclude a fax bill as well.

When you use fax online services, there is no limitation as to where you can set up your office. This is because, as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to send or receive faxes through online faxing. Traditional fax machines require a telephone line through which they can become connected. Also, they need a professional to come and setup the fax machine and to have the fax number registered and activated by the phone company.

With fax internet, you will binternet faxe able to send and receive documents through the internet. Setting up an account can be done within a few minutes and does not require any complicated wire connections. All you will need is an active email address through which the fax number will be connected. You will then begin to receive faxes in your email’s inbox when someone sends a document to your unique fax number.

It is also called fax to email because you will send or receive the faxes through your email address. The documents will be delivered in your inbox as any normal email would, but with an attachment. This attachment will be the received fax documents. Similarly, when you send a fax, the documents will be attached they same way you would with a normal email and sent to the desired fax number.

Of great importance is the fact that the faxed documents will only be printed out if there is a need for them to be printed. This is unlike the normal fax machine that prints out all documents received, including spam. Money will be saved on ink, paper, electricity and the telephone bill.