Ultimate Google Toolbox: Tips, Trips and Hacks

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Google applications like Google Drive have helped to really make the work environment as easy and efficient as it could possibly be. Not only does working with Google Drive make things easy, convenient and efficient, it also makes working from a number of different locations or environments even easier.  One of the most interesting and useful features of Google Drive is the HelloSign application which simply allows you to be able to sign important documentation directly online. This is excellent as far as flexibility and convenience, not to mention efficiency is concerned because now you no longer have to download or print a document, then sign it, scan it and send it off. The alternative would have been to print it, sign the document and then fax it off.

Today none of these steps are necessary or even applicable any more. The world is moving more and more to a paperless society and the thought of downloading and printing documents will soon become a thing of the past altogether. If you take the efficiency, flexibility and convenience of something like Google Drive and connect that with HelloSign and then connect that again with fax to email technology, you will be in control of a purely online communication system, regardless of the nature of the documents at hand. You can have an important document, one that requires your original signature, sent to your inbox via an online fax to email service.

The next step would be to open that attachment that serves essentially as the fax document in much the same way that you would open any email attachment, open it in Google Drive and then use HelloSign to sign the document. HelloSign essentially allows you to store your digital signature online and can be used to sign legal documents without the need to print out anything at all. Once you have used HelloSign to sign your signature to the document, you can simply then upload it once again via your email and send it back to the person or company that sent it to you via the same fax to email service or one of your own choosing. It is that simple to perform everything quickly and conveniently within an online environment.

Everyone is interested in the latest online fads and flavours of the month – be it downloading YouTube videos to your PC or being able to send and receive fax to email, it is of great value to learn techniques on how to get the most from your PC.
Today, the PC has had to evolve to achieve a lot more than it did a few years ago in order to catch up with the tablet. If you have ever wondered what Google has to offer you, then read on:

fax to emailingDownload YouTube videos straight to your computer: Even though you would easily be able to find a lot of apps and websites that offer to do this for you, these can be a hit and miss situation at best. This is especially true since Google has made a concerted effort for blocking many services that offer to download copyrighted videos. A great alternative is to install the Download YouTube Videos add on which is available for Firefox. It will insert a download button underneath YouTube videos which will allow you to choose the quality of the file you’d like to save.

Send and receive internet fax with Google Drive: These days, the conventional fax machine is pretty much extinct. The reason for this is because of fax to email. This technology allows you to send and receive your faxes wherever you are in the world, using only your PC and internet connection. Internet fax has taken over the world and is causing quite a stir in the corporate world, especially because there are so many quality and free service providers out there. Not only is it a great and free way for companies to communicate, but its affordability and user friendliness makes it a great match both for employees and private people.

Sign documents and fill in forms with Google Drive: Google Drive uses HelloSign which allows you to store your digital signature which you can use to sign documents online and fill out forms that can be sent via email. It allows you to assign your signature to fields in documents that need to be signed whenever you need.

These are only some of the many tasks that Google will help you achieve.

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