The Idiots Guide To Internet Faxing

April 22, 2013 By In Fax & Email, Fax to Email Comments Off on The Idiots Guide To Internet Faxing

Sending an internet fax is the time and resource saving, eco-friendly alternative to sending a fax the conventional way. Not only is it cheaper, because it does not require paper, ink or the imposing presence of a fax machine, but it also has many other advantages.

All of you who are still sending faxes the traditional way and have never heard of internet fax, are probably tearing at your hair in frustration, screaming at your screens: “Slow down! What are you on about?! What’s an internet fax?!” Before frustration overwhelms you and leaves you with no other option than to bang your head repeatedly against your keyboard, allow me to explain:

Like the name suggests, an internet fax gets sent using the internet, whereas a traditional fax gets sent via a phone line. Because this method of faxing makes use of the internet, it requires the involvement of an online fax service provider. There are many providers out there who offer this service and many package deals that are tailored to meet your faxing needs. After getting in touch with a provider and purchasing a package, you will be issued an internet fax number and your days of ink, paper and fax machines are over.  Are still with me? Good. Then let us continue.

You send an internet fax by attaching it to an email, which you address to the recipients fax number and then suffix it with the service provider’s name. The fax gets interpreted into an image file by the service provider and sent to the recipient. The recipient receives the email containing the fax via the service provider. Easy. Right? Now for the advantages of making use of an online fax service:

Apart from saving resources and time and making tree-huggers break into celebratory song, your fax number will also be integrated with your email account, allowing you to receive and send faxes wherever and whenever you want. Most providers offer this fax to email service as a free fax to email service, meaning it won’t cost you anything. And best of all: Because of your package deal with your provider a considerable number of the faxes you send will be free faxes, which will, no doubt, have you at least humming a celebratory tune.

So what are you waiting for? Stop behaving like a technological caveman and get in touch with an online fax service provider today!