How Internet Fax All Started

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How technology has progressed, those of us born before there was anything like fax machines or computers get to really appreciate it. That is, those of us who are not frightened or scared of technology and one should not be, no matter what age you are, if you know how to properly use it technology could be of great use to and even if you don’t know how to use it there are training courses available that will be able to teach you. Take faxing for example back in the day people used horse messengers to carry messages across then they used pigeons and so on and so forth, faxing has progressed basically from what was known as Morse code (dots and dashes), along to the bulky fax machine with horrible paper rolls, to A4 paper. With today’s faxing pretty much done mostly via computer and does not necessarily require the use of paper or ink/toner for that matter. This is an absolute plus for the environment and cost cutting for companies finding times tough in this current global financial crisis.

Some people have not taken time to progress and still use the old fax machine which can work to the new fax method via the internet. These old machines are slowly being phased out with companies requiring speed and safe passage of documents and let’s face it sending and receiving faxes online is not only faster it is that much safer. The fax is sent directly to the person that it was intended for, the chance of the fax landing in the wrong hands because there is a hard copy floating around somewhere is also eliminated because the fax may be saved on your hard drive or deleted once you are done with it. But still, as we think that the world is so technologically advanced there are certain places in the world that can only rely on the old fashioned telephone and fax machines.

It is easy to see why these companies and places get stuck in the past; today’s fax machines often incorporate other office functions such as copy, scan and or answer machines. There are so many models and brands to choose from with functions to suit your requirements.

So much of today’s communication is done via the internet, such as fax to email or to fax via email. Fortunately, one can still cross back into the old technology with faxing. There is definite cost, time saving as well as security advantages by doing ones faxing via the internet especially when long distances are involved. Think about it, this way if you use fax to email services you will be able to send and receive faxes without any hassles from anywhere in the world as oppose to traditional faxing methods that have difficulty faxing to a different city. The only hitch being that the receiving machine needs to be linked or compatible with internet fax. As for the savings not only is the monthly fees much cheaper than that of a traditional fax machine, you also save on stationary and electricity.

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Many of us, who when faced with new technology and the fancy looking machines that we think may explode if we push the wrong buttons should not be worried in the least. They will not. Time with someone who is patient that can teach you how, will open up a whole new world of wonderment and communication for you. However those afraid of change should sign up for a free trial period with a online service provider. That way the company gets a taste of how internet faxing works if they are still not convinced they simply go back to the way they use to do things, however in our technologically advanced society those who fall behind get left behind.

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