The Advantages/Disadvantages Of PC Fax Modems

July 4, 2012 By In Business, Fax to Email No Comment

Majority of business owners and even private users that use the PC fax modem as to a normal faxing machine, have come to realize that the speed is much slower than that of a regular fax machine. Tests have been done on the two models, each with the same transmission speed, and found that the normal faxing machine gave its complete money worth by handling the fax loads twice as fast as the PC fax modem. With that said, the new technology of fax to PC may have some other perks that sets it apart from normal faxing, but will not put an end to our faxing machines.

The PC Fax function allows users to send faxes to large groups of people, whereas the normal fax machine will only allow you to send a fax to a certain receiver. Another great advantage of this use is the quality of the documents… it is surely much greater than the quality a normal fax machine can provide. It also cuts away the parts of the hassle of replacing fax paper and ink cartridges as well as the added line and electricity cables. With the constant improvement on these technologies, it becomes much more inconvenient of not having them.

The PC Fax Modem software that one has to install to one’s PC is very user-friendly, and works great with documents on a computer that are saved in files. The whole concept is basically as easy as sending an email. The software will allow you to send your document pages through to other recipients fax numbers as a fax. When you are ready to send your pages that are on your Microsoft word document, you will hit print to fax/modem as to print to a connected printer. This will load the faxing software and will gather all the information you need to fax. After you submitted the recipients fax number the pages will be sent through. Many of the faxing software will allow the sender to attach a cover page, just as you would with sending normal faxes.