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Fax Fx 2

On an epic road trip to Mozambique, we found ourselves in a very, very rural area.

It wasn’t even a one horse town. We managed to find somewhere to camp out for the night. I had the desire to go to a shop and find something to braai for dinner. After driving around for like an hour an half finally I found a hut type of thing that said SHOP across a sign in a terrible faded paint. I was nervous to say the least. I walked up to the door and knocked.

A response in a language I didn’t know came bellowing out the door. I wanted to leave but I was hungry. The door eventually opened. I walked inside and was immediately blown away. On one side of the room sat two ancient computers, a small sign above read. Internet and fax 2 email. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Who would have thought.

I retold the story to my friends while braaing some really nice meat. Rural isn’t always what you think it is.