Technology Has Come Along Way

June 5, 2013 By In Fax to Email Comments Off on Technology Has Come Along Way

Fax Fx 4

When I was small and the all new fax machine had come out.

I used to wonder what you could send through it. I didn’t understand how it worked at the time. We had cousins in Australia who also had fax machines and us smaller cousins used to send through obscene pictures and write rude words. One day I drew a males business area and sent it through.

I got a fax back from my aunt saying that it is inappropriate and my dad would be getting a call. The whole drama ended with my dad telling me to stop sending it. A few weeks ago with my fax to email service, on one of my cousins birthdays I sent an inappropriate letter and a “nice picture”. He sent a message back saying DEAN THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE!  My heart skipped a beat for a moment, flashbacks of my scary Aunt pointing her finger at me ran through my mind.

I laughed and sent a mail back saying nice try.