Snail Mail Vs Electronically Sent Mail

May 29, 2013 By In Fax & Email, Fax to Email Comments Off on Snail Mail Vs Electronically Sent Mail

Fax to emailHand delivery of post or mail has been the cornerstone of communication throughout the world for a very long time. In the very early days hand written mail was transported over land by people on foot or horseback, to other continents by ship and later by air. These journeys would often last for days if not many weeks; only the privileged were able to afford this.

Recently, in the last few decades technology has brought about great changes with the delivery of mail to people. Within the last few decades the world has moved forward from the basic fax machine to computers and now smart phones and iPads. There is a phenomenal amount of history on how letters and documents were relayed to other parties.

Many feel that the fine art of letter writing has been lost and are attempting to resurrect it. In the fast pace of the world today one is all too quick, avoiding general etiquette, to send a quick email, fax to email, email to fax. The advantages are that with the basic setup and services it is so much faster and cheaper. One is also able to write to as many people at once with one draft. People, especially business are able to send multiple page documents at once in seconds. Communication with a business’s customers can be achieved in moments. Thus, the birth of “junk mail” or “spam”.

Competition between communication businesses has brought about various economical services for people to use. For instance, one is able to join or link up to a service provider like Comfax where free fax, free fax to email, internet fax may be available when paying for the main service i.e. internet.

Ordinary mail sent, as mentioned, firstly is still very possible though expensive due to increases in costs such as fuel. It is most unfortunate; perhaps technology has done something of a disservice to the world. Many people do still send parcels, Christmas cards and birthday cards on these special occasions, although using modern technology such as email or fax to email for day to day communications.

There are still many people and companies that rely on the good old fashioned postal delivery system mainly for accounts in spite of electronic mail. In many countries that have staff issues provinces or countries are thrown into absolute turmoil when the post is not delivered. Post won’t die just yet.