8 Signs Your Business Is Tech-Illiterate

January 29, 2013 By In Fax to Email Comments Off on 8 Signs Your Business Is Tech-Illiterate

signs your business is illiterateDo you still have a Nokia 3310 cell phone? That you’re using? (Insert laughter here). How about your business, are your employees still working on cream coloured PC’s that type on in luminous green font on black screens? It’s time for a serious upgrade if your business suffers from more than one of the following symptoms of tech-illiteracy:

  • A huge LaserJet printer on each desk – Really? There’s just no excuse for this. Wireless printers have been available forever already.
  • Physical fax machine – No one is saying it’s wrong to send and receive faxes. Just do it from your laptop and your business will go up a good few notches in the tech-world. You too can enjoy free fax at www.comfax.net.au, Kwik Fax or Adviser Fax.
  • Lack of I-Pads – An Apple I-Pad is not just for playing games and downloading movies. More and more businesses are seeing incredible benefits from using a tablet for everyday work. It’s convenient and fast. What more does a business need?
  • Fear of new technology – Not getting with the program (pun intended) means that your business will never reach its full potential. Embrace the future!
  • Lack of online presence – This is a very serious symptom of tech-illiteracy. Anyone who is anyone will Google a company they’re looking for before picking a telephone book. If you’re not on the web, people will never know about your business.
  • Lack of smart phones – In any office environment nowadays, expect to find each and every employee with a smart phone. If this is not the case in your office, chances are good you’re still living in the Stone Age.
  • CRT monitors – Again, really? Just consider this; a flat screen monitor will use up less than half of the energy a CRT monitor does. And flat screens just look so much better.
  • Making use of Windows XP – Keep in mind that most people out there don’t even remember Windows XP. Windows 8 is already making the rounds with many new and great features. Windows XP will not protect your server from viruses and will not enable you to perform any of the functions that Windows 8 enables.