How to Send a Fax

February 23, 2015 By In Fax to Email No Comment

How to send a fax is a question that has been asked countless times and as the fax machine evolved and got more complex the methods changed along with it. In my personal opinion sending a fax is needlessly complicated. First you must insert the document you wanted to send, you must dial the fax number, after which you hope and pray that there isn’t some hidden staples in the paperwork that may cause a paper jam. If you were lucky enough to get the fax off without a hitch you still had to wait around to ensure the fax was delivered. In my personal opinion the whole process is ridiculously complicated, fortunately there is a better alternative online faxing!

Just because the method has improved it doesn’t mean that the same question doesn’t apply. How to send a fax via online faxing is as easy as pie as a matter of fact if you know how to send an email you already know how to send an online fax.

To start with you need to ensure that you account has been set up and you have all the relevant software installed, once that is done you may send your first fax.

First open you email and create a new mail, then add the recipients online fax number in the “To” field after you have done that you may attach the document you wish to send (just like you would a normal email). In the body of the email you can create your “fax” cover page. Once all of this has been done you simple press send and you have successfully sent your first online fax.