Origin Of Fax To Email

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The growth of fax-to-email has become an integral part of business with continues advancement of technology and the need to improve efficiency and bottom-line as such business communication has become heavily integrated requiring alternative solutions to traditional facsimile machines.

The internet has revolutionized the way in which society functions. The communication industry has been particularly affected. One of the best advancements would be the introduction of fax to email services a few years ago. Fax to mail has become exponentially popular since.

There are many different online fax service providers to choose and many different packages on offer. These fax e-mail services allow users to manage their faxes via the internet instead of having to use a fax machine to send and receive faxes.

Understanding Why Fax To Email Has Been So Successful

These are a few of the major benefits that come with internet to fax solutions:

  • More Convenient: It is a lot more convenient to send a fax from the internet than it is to send it from a fax machine. Convenience and efficiency are particularly important in today’s fast-paced modern age. Users who make use of a fax service online are able to send and receive faxes from where-ever they are. There is no need to inconvenience yourself by going into the office just to check your faxes or send a fax.
  • Efficient Time Management: Fax-to-email system negates the presence of any one single facsimile machine. Each computer functions as it own sender and receiver of documents. The employee therefore does not need to move away from his/her workstation. Documents may also be easily stored, backed-up and retrieved at a central location streamlining management of digital documents.
  • More Reliable: Fax-to-email services can be accessed from any device that can connect to the Internet which is not the case with a facsimile machine. The Internet provides for various connection mechanism such as Wi-Fi and the traditional digital telephone line, with always available Internet Servers your digital fax document is stored safely until you are able to download it via a email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla.
  • Easy to Use: Getting familiar with sending a fax online is not difficult. If you have sent an e-mail then sending an online fax should come naturally as the process is very similar, on average most new users takes about five minutes to familiarise themselves with the new process.
  • Quick Sign-Up: You may apply for an fax-to-mail service by calling the service provider or applying online. All additional software that may be needed can be downloaded from the relevant provider’s website where after your account should be active. In most cases it takes less than half an hour. Note that you must have a valid e-mail address and internet connectivity.
  • Less Costly: The cost of a service is particularly important to business and private individuals now because most of them are trying to receiver from the recent economic recession. It is a lot cheaper to send fax to email than it is to maintain and send faxes via a fax machine. Also, many service providers offer free fax to email services as well as paid services. So, even if you have no budget at all, you can benefit from all the advantages that come with online faxing. It is important to note that free services may introduce marketing content to your facsimile which may be undesirable if you are a business.
  • More Private: Sending and receiving faxes via the office fax machine is not a very discreet or private way of communicating. This can be quite a disadvantage when the information that needs to be communicated is of a sensitive nature. Online fax services are a lot more secure and private. Only those who have the log in details for the linked email address will be able to view faxes.
  • Less Wasteful:Recent research has show that business and the private person in the United States of America prints in total 200 billion pages a year with 5000 pages being equal to one tree. In addition on average each household has at least one facsimile machine. The impact on the environment can be greatly reduced by simply eliminating household facsimile machines. Fax to email services do not produce any waste at all because the service is 100% digital. This why fax to email solutions are considered to be the environmentally friendly choice.

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