Obsolete Technologies

April 22, 2013 By In Fax & Email, Fax to Email Comments Off on Obsolete Technologies

With so many technological discoveries there are a few older ones that have more than gracefully bowed and made space for the newer ones. For instance the cellular phone, at the beginning of its life it was the size of a public telephone, it then started getting smaller and smaller and then started get a little larger. This is mainly due to the software. Now it is safe to say that thanks to mms and short message service the pager which was a craze in its time also disappeared. There are some older technologies that are fighting till the bitter end and refuse to give in; such as the fax machine.

As times have changed the sending of documents has become easier and easier, however there are those that cling to older technologies due to convenience. The sending of faxes as done via fax machine is tiresome and daunting tasking that many avoid doing at all costs.  There are a number of reasons why one would avoid sending a fax via fax machine, firstly these fax machines are connected to telephone lines, this means that should your line be down a fax cannot be send, secondly, relying on ink and toner to ensure that a fax comes legible can be a problem and very costly. That is why sending fax via email is much easier and more cost effective.

Thirdly fax machines that rely on telephone lines mean that should one fax be on its way the other have to be placed in a queue and have to wait to be sent or received. The main reason why one should rather opt for fax to email over fax machine is the cost of running an out dated fax machine. Not only is it the cost of the telephone line that is specifically installed for faxing reasons, it is also the cost of the stationary for this fax machine on a monthly basis.

So it is safe to say that a move to ban these fax machines should be made all over the world. The best option nowadays is free fax to email, as a fax can be sent and received within seconds by numerous individuals.