Most Common Fixable Fax Machine Problems

May 30, 2013 By In Fax to Email Comments Off on Most Common Fixable Fax Machine Problems

Fax machines have been one of the most popular office communication tools for a number of years now and there are literally thousands of different types and models available on the market today despite the trend towards fax to email or internet fax solutions.

There is no such thing as a fax machine that is one hundred percent problem free and depending on the quality of the product, the problems can range from very few to very many. While fax machine problems may be as varied as the amount of different models available there are still at least four very common fax machine problems that seem to plague all of them.

One of the most common of all fax machine related problems seems to be regarding multi feeding or automatic document feeding. Almost all fax machines today feature a multiple document feeder or so called automatic document feeder or ADF which is a device designed to grab more than one page at a time in order to save time and be more efficient.

After the automatic document feeder has grabbed multiple pages a secondary device known as a separator or separation pad is designed to separate the pages. In many instances when paper jams in the automatic document feeder or just past the ADF it is invariably the separator that has worn out and can no longer separate documents effectively. Other issues surrounding this problem have to do with the feeder roller that needs cleaning. Replacing the separator unit and cleaning the rollers will generally solve the problem.

Another all too common fax machine issue has to do wiith your fax machine not pulling your feeder documents or your original documents into the fax machine so that the can be scanned and faxed. Again this issue has to do with wear and tear and cleaning.

The best way to clean and lubricate the roller responsible for grabbing original documents is with a multi – purpose oil that can both clean off excess ink or toner and lubricate the roller’s moving parts. Always be sure to go over all rollers and moving parts with a clean dry cloth after cleaning with the multi – purpose oil to ensure that your original documents do not become dirty or damaged.