Modern Methods Of Faxing

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The fax machine was a huge leap for the communication industry when it was first introduced to the public so long ago. Sending documents to customers and suppliers were time consuming, tedious and expensive since the only method available at the time were the postal services, personal delivery or courier services. This prompted the development of the facsimile machine that could send a copy of the original document over great distances. The original facsimile machines were large and very expensive therefore only large businesses made use of the technology.

With several improvements in telecommunication, computers and facsimile machines the entry level barrier were reduce making it possible for members of the public to own a machine. These devices have become an integral part of everyday life to such an extent that each home in the United States has at least one facsimile machine.

These days, desktop or bulky office fax machines are considered by many to be outdated. Fax to e-mail services are now regarded as the modern fax method of choice.

Here are a few reasons why fax e-mail services are so popular today:

  • Increased privacy: One of the major issues that many users had when using traditional fax machines was the low level of privacy that they offered. Incoming and outgoing faxes could be viewed by just about anyone in the vicinity of the fax. When you send a fax from the internet or receive faxes online, there is a much higher level of privacy. Only those who have the login details for the linked email account will be able to see all faxes received.
  • Reliability: Traditional facsimile machines rely on noise free telephone line that is connected to a dedicated facsimile machine. Fax-to-email makes exclusive use of the Internet, faxes are sent to a dedicated fax-to-email server that is always available. The delivery of your facsimile document is not dependent on the readiness of a facsimile machine, you may retrieve your facsimile at any time from the server making use of any Internet enabled devices such as a laptop, Smartphone, Netbook’s, tablet or desktop PC. In addition the retrieval and delivery may be done by using any telecommunication media for example Wi-Fi, WANS, and 3G.
  • Reduced costs: Internet to fax services are exceptional affordable modern faxing methods. There is no need to buy any special equipment such as a fax machine or dedicated fax line. Also, due to the fact that all faxes can be handled in digital format, there is no need to buy any paper or toner either. There are many free fax to email services available as well, however always make sure that the service provider does not imbed marketing material into your facsimile many businesses find this practise undesirable. You can find these free fax service providers quite easily when making use of one of the more reputable search engines available online.
  • Energy Efficient: Facsimile machines have to be on all the time to receive faxes, during which time they consume allot of energy. Fax-to-email services do not require the availability of the recipient’s device therefore your receiving device can be switch off when not in use saving energy.
  • Environmentally conscious choice: When you choose to use a fax service online instead of a conventional fax machine, you will be reducing your overall carbon footprint. Over the last decade the United States has printed 200 billion pages per year taking into consideration that every 5000 pages equals one tree. By reducing the unnecessary printing of documents we will not only save trees but also reduce waste and the consumption of other resources used in the manufacturing and recycling of paper. By migrating to responsible technologies we can life in a cleaner environment.  Online faxing is the environmentally conscious choice as it produces much less waste and requires much less electricity.
  • Convenient and efficient: Online faxing is quite user friendly and it will only take you a few minutes to learn how to read incoming fax and send fax to email. The fact that you are able to manage your faxes from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC make it that much more convenient.

The above mentioned features of fax to mail services make it easy to see why so many private individuals and businesses are making the switch from traditional fax machines to online fax service providers. More fax to email resources are at For Internet and at Free Fax.