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The technology that allows one to send important documents from one point to another over a conventional analogue telephone line has actually been in use since the nineteen seventies. The technology is called faxing and is still in use throughout the world today. Naturally like all forms of technology, each generation has brought significant improvements to the technology. Faxing has come a long way from the original, slow faxing of the nineteen seventies and nineteen eighties.

The advent of the internet has seen even more improvements in the fax technology that so much of the world still relies on. The internet has allowed for an entirely new modern faxing solution that is available to anyone with a computer and access to the internet, best of all, this new technology is, for the most part, free.

This new modern fax solution is known commonly as fax to mail and also free fax to email. Downloading fax software, usually for free, converts your ordinary desktop computer or laptop computer into a fully functioning fax machine. This means that you no longer require an expensive fax machine. You can fax from the internet using a free fax service online.

Sending a fax from the internet means that you no longer require any paper or ink because you do not have to use a conventional fax machine, this means no more time wasted with paper jams and missed faxes due to busy phone lines. Fax to e-mail is super – fast and super convenient too.

There are also great mobile benefits to using an online fax service because you can now send fax to email documents while you are away from your office and ostensibly, your office fax machine. This of great benefit for company sales representatives who need to fax important documents and contracts back to their head office for approval.

Using the internet to fax means that they do not have to wait until they can find a conventional fax machine to send and receive these important documents and contracts. Finding the right fax service online for your specific needs is also very easy as there are many great online fax services to choose from.

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