Like Fax Machines, Smartphones Are On The Way Out

April 22, 2013 By In Business, Fax to Email Comments Off on Like Fax Machines, Smartphones Are On The Way Out

Don’t get too attached to your Smartphones and tablets, because like the fax machine, they are likely to be just another passing phase.

old-fax machineLet us travel back in time for a moment. The year is 1991, and telephone companies are united by a single fear: They predict that there’ll be a shortage of phone numbers, because every household, every business, will need an additional phone line, because every household, every business, will need a fax machine. Fax machines are leased by these companies to consumers for U$ 60 a month on a three year contract. The shelves in stores are filled with fax machines. Fax machines are everywhere.

Fast forward a few years. The invention of the Internet and the availability of affordable computers render the fax machine obsolete. Faxes still need to be sent, even today, but now there is such a thing as internet fax, which has revolutionized the way we send and receive document facsimiles.

By making use of an online fax service, we are now able to integrate our email account with our fax number, and so receive and send our faxes on the move. Furthermore, this fax to email service has become such an accepted standard, that most providers offer a free fax to email service and, depending on the package deal with your provider, some of the faxes you send nowadays are likely to be classified as a free fax, meaning they cost you nothing. Sending an internet fax has become so cheap and time effective that hardly anyone is still sending faxes using a hardcopy and a fax machine.

Now fast forward another 20 years. The year is 2031. Everything is connected and you have access to everything via a single device. What is that device likely to be? How about a pair of sunglasses or a wristwatch from Apple? You can interact with your home appliances and pay and purchase things using simple voice commands. Keyboards and touch screens are no longer necessary. Everything is monitored and recorded and can be shared and organised with a simple word. Don’t kid yourself. This technology already exists, and it is only matter of time before it becomes the norm.  All too soon, your smartphones and tablets will be gathering dust in the cellar, standing next to your dear old fax machine.