Japan’s Affection For The Fax

April 22, 2013 By In Fax & Email, Fax to Email Comments Off on Japan’s Affection For The Fax

While the rest of the world moves forward technologically, there is one place that has come to a complete standstill when it comes to certain technologies. This is rather strange, considering that much of the world’s technology comes from them and carry their slogan, Made in Japan. Although Japan seems to make most of the new and exciting things that most of the world know and love, they seem  to have an affinity for some of the older technologies. This is true when it comes to the fax machine. While most of the world has moved on to more exciting and innovative ways of sending faxes, such as free fax to email, the Japanese refuse to retire their old fax machines.

faxemailSome say that it is mainly due to their affinity for a paper trail. By this statement it is meant that the Japanese like knowing what has been done at all times and what better way to ensure this than to leave a dirty old paper trail. There have been some comments from the Japanese themselves, an elderly store owner says that she relies on the fax machine due to the fact that she has evidence that her fax has been sent. The Japanese feel that fax to email does not give them sufficient evidence that the fax has been sent.

One tends to wonder if the Japanese are a little scared of computers and keyboards, which is not great news for us as this means that they do not have much confidence in the products that they themselves manufacture. Although they themselves may not have created fax to email, it is with some of their technology that these technological advancements were made. It has been said that due to their very difficult writing technique, it is very difficult for them to use computers to type documents and send them. Scanning documents could also mean that it is not recognized by the computer.

One however would think with all the brains that this country has they would be able to change this function of a computer and then they can use fax to email. For information on the benefits of fax to email visit www.pamfairfax.com and www.pfax.net.