Is It Skrillex Or A Fax Machine?

May 2, 2013 By In Fax to Email Comments Off on Is It Skrillex Or A Fax Machine?

Fax machine? My daughter thought I was going insane when I mentioned this ‘handy’ tool from my childhood.

“What is a fax machine?” She asked wide eyed… I explained , “It’s a machine that makes the same sound as your Skrillex records and it transfers information from one person to another.” She looked at me shocked… “Oh, like fax to email?” Wow, in that moment I realised just how behind the times I really am. She took me to the internet and “googled” fax to email. I immediately threw my hideous fax machine out and got myself a free fax to email solution.

Now I feel like the cool mom who can use google… problem is, I don’t have Facebook… So I am the old school mom once more.