Internet Faxing

June 6, 2013 By In Fax to Email Comments Off on Internet Faxing

There was competition on 5fm many, many years ago. So old in fact that, people where not even emailing, let alone using a fax to email service. In those days you sent in a fax or you called. I had never really and still have never won any competitions but this day was different. I used to like listening to the radio when I was younger.(yes I know strange that a young kid sits and listens to a radio when there is a TV to watch) but none the less that’s what I did. Now on this specific show they used to have this competition, where a question was asked and you won a prize. It just so happens that the question that day was a question I knew the answer too. What was the name of the bus driver on the Simpsons. I knew it! I ran to the fax machine, grabbed a pen scribbled OTTO on it and proceeded to send it. I got really excited when the DJ said we got a winning fax coming through now. I was jumping around till he said the following, oh no! the person must have put the paper in the wrong way because there is no answer here. Then they got a call and gave the prize of R500 away(back in those days R500 was like a million to me) I walked up to the fax machine and looked at the paper sticking out the back. Just then I remembered my dad saying the writing must be on the bottom, mine was on the topL, sad I was and I guess I still am. For information on internet faxing visit