How To Use Internet Fax

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Using the internet fax is a great and convenient way to take care of all your faxing needs. The need for the old conventional fax machine is no longer there and has long since been replaced by much more affordable and convenient ways to take care of receiving and sending faxes.

As more and more people are becoming aware of all the benefits associated with using the fax via email service they are making the move to this revolutionary service. No longer do you need to queue in line at the office fax to wait your turn at sending a fax message, or only receive a fax three days after it was sent because no one was able to find the cover letter addressed to you.

Using the fax to einternet fax mail service is not at all that difficult and is really rather simple. If you would like to know how to use the internet fax, then read on or visit

  • Register with the service provider: In order for you to benefit from the fax via email service you will need to register with an internet fax provider. They will then provide you with an internet fax number which will then be associated with your email address
  • Associate the number with the email account: After you receive your fax number from the internet fax provider you will then need to associate it with your email account. Your provider will also be able to assist you in this regard
  • Start receiving and sending faxes: After this is done, you can now start giving out your fax numbers and start sending and receiving faxes. Truth be told, your incoming faxes will appear like a conventional email message with a PDF attachment. The attachment will contain your fax message and the email body will contain the cover letter composed by the sender of the fax. To send faxes simply attach the fax message to a blank email message, type in the recipient’s fax number and the subject line and send the message. Using the fax via email service is really as simple as that.

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