How To Unjam Your Printer

When you hear the beeps and see the red light flashing on your printer, you may be struck with a certain kind of terror that only comes from the fear of having to deal with malfunctioning technology. But despite the inherent fear that may overtake you when you think about unjamming your printer, you need to know that the process is not quite as scary as you may have thought.

If your printer is jamming, the first step you need to take is to cancel the job you were trying to print. Before you reach for the paper that is stuck in the machine, cancel your job, either on your computer or by pressing the cancel button on the printer.

Next, turn the printer off. This gives it the opportunity to reset and you time to get the paper. A printer that is left on may be very hot, and if you touch the rollers inside it, you might burn yourself. Find the source of the paper jam and grab the end of the paper. Then gently start to pull it out. The paper may start to tear, so go slowly.

Then, turn your printer back on, add paper to the tray and reset your job. Beware though: if you have left any stray pieces of paper in the printer, you may have a problem getting the job to print. Also, be wary of stray toner or ink. If you happen to get ink or toner on your clothes or on the carpet, pat the stain with a dry cloth. The next time you wash your clothes, or shampoo the carpet, you will be able to get the toner out.

Watch the printer the next time you print to be sure the paper doesn’t get stuck. If the paper keeps getting stuck, the problem may be in the type of paper you use. It may either be too thick, or of an inferior quality, causing it to become lodged inside the machine. When you experience a paper jam, the most important rule to remember is to turn off the printer.

It is important to go for quality when you decide to buy printer, because you will not have to go through unnecessary printer jams.