How To Transfer My Fax Number To An Email Fax

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We are very lucky to live in a time when faxing is not longer restricted to those with access to a fax machine. Anyone with access to the internet can sign up for an online faxing account. It works by using your email address as the point for sending or receiving faxes. Many people are turning to this form of faxing because of how convenient it is.

Many businesses are also beginning to use online faxing because of the numerous benefits. These include money and time being saved as well as a higher level of confidentiality of faxes received. However, as a business, keeping your contact details the same even if there have been any changes is very important. This will ensure that old and new clients are able to get hold of them. So, when you intend on changing to online faxing, you may want to keep your original fax number.

Under normal circumstances, when you create an online fax account, a new fax number will be generated for you. However, if you want to keep your previous fax number that was attached to a fax machine then you would have to port that number to an online faxing account attached to your email.

It will be simply a matter of finding a service provider of online faxing that will be able to help you port from the telephone company to the internet faxing company. There is sometimes a small fee involved in the change, but it is a once off payment that is worth it. A simple form can be filled out that will allow you to carry your fax number form the telephone company to the internet faxing company.

However, it is important to note that not all internet faxing companies may allow you to port your fax number to an account created with them. It, thus, becomes crucial that you find a service provider that will allow you to sign up for a fax to email account with your own fax number.

This would be a good idea for business owners as they will not have to spend money changing their contact details on various platforms because of a change in fax numbers. Get your own fax to email at and Dhiya.

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