How To Send a Fax With The Use Of a Fax Modem

July 4, 2012 By In Fax, Fax to Email No Comment

Fax modem technology has become very popular and is used worldwide. This allows users to send and receive faxes from their computers, without the use of a conventional fax machine. Any page(s) that have been scanned in or processed by Microsoft word can be easily sent to other fax numbers, whether the documents are in image or PDF format. With your fax modem you will have to install software to your PC, which will allow you to have full use of this system.

Most fax modem software is compatible with all windows operating systems. Windows XP, Vista and windows 7 have their Microsoft Fax software already included with the windows installation package. You can easily activate your faxing software on your PC with a few simple steps. In order to get it all running, you will need a fax modem, an installed telephone line and your windows installation CD.

The installation CD may be required for your computer to communicate to your fax modem, as the Microsoft Fax feature is not always installed onto your PC as a default. Follow the Microsoft instructions to installing your fax modem software and configure these settings. After instalment, you will have full access of sending and receiving faxes without an actual fax machine.

When you are ready to send your documents, you can do so by having the pages open in Microsoft word and hit the print to fax modem button. From there you can add groups of people who should receive the specific email or just to a single person. You will also be asked to type in the recipients fax number and then just hit send. Most fax to email software will let you attach a cover page, just as you would with normal faxing. The concept is very much the same as sending an email. The advantage of having this system activated is not only the removal of paper wastage but also the fact that you will be saving money which is an added benefit for any company.