How To Send a Fax Using a Fax Modem

May 30, 2013 By In Fax & Email, Fax to Email Comments Off on How To Send a Fax Using a Fax Modem

Thanks to a few major advances in technology you no longer require a fax machine if you want to send a fax to anywhere in the world. Today you can use your computer as well as something called a fax modem to send and receive faxes via the internet with fax to email services and internet fax technology. Sending documents through your computer with a fax modem works for previously scanned documents and saved files such as PDF files or image files as well as word documents and processed documents known collectively as soft copy documents.Fax Modem

Using a fax modem is probably one of the easiest operations in the world to complete. Most of today’s fax and internet modems are very simple and easy to use and almost all of them require the same basic steps in operation. The first step one needs to take when using a fax modem for the first time is to ensure that all the relevant drivers are properly installed and working correctly. One of the most common of all operating systems in the world is Windows XP with windows seven also high on the list. Microsoft offers a free fax software solution that is extremely popular and also very easy to install and use.

From a hardware point of view you will need to ensure that you have a working land line as well as a working fax modem and the relevant Windows fax software installation disc. It is very important that you have a certified copy of the Windows installation disc so that you can install the most up to date version of the fax software module onto your computer system. The next step is very simple as the Windows installation disc will explain all of the necessary steps required to install and run the fax software on your system. Once you have installed the fax software module you will be able to send and receive fax documents via your fax modem directly onto your computer. You will not need an additional fax machine, just your fax modem and your computer and a fax 2 email account as well. To get more information on internet faxing visit