How To Receive Fax Directly To Email

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Does being able to receive faxes directly to your existing email account sound good? For a monthly fee you will be able to do just that here is how you can get started.

  • Locate an online fax service company by doing a search via your search engine once you have compared prices and service recommendations you should feel comfortable in choosing the right one for you.
  • On the chosen service providers home page you will find a Sign up button or link select the appropriate one this will direct you to a sign up form enter the information they require and submit this will activate your fax service account you will receive either a email or sms stating that your account is active you will also receive a number similar to a phone number this number will serve as your fax number and must be given to anyone that wishes to send a fax to your email.
  • When your account is activated use your login information and log onto fax service, your service provider will ask you to select the format that you wish to use for fax attachments i.e. JPEG, PDF, GIF in addition you will also need to select the email address where the fax will be received.
  • Ask a co-worker or friend to send you a test fax to the fax number you received when you signed up. Now check your email account the fax will appear as an attachment in your email account’s inbox you must open the attachment in order to view your fax.
  • Also note that even though receiving faxes directly to your email is by far quicker and more successful than conventional faxing. A delay in receiving a fax may occur however this depends entirely on the file size.
  • Faxes do not need to be sent via the internet. Faxes may be sent to your email account using your online fax number using a normal fax machine as well.

Receiving a fax directly to your email is not only convenient it is also a great time saver.