How To Receive a Fax By Email

May 6, 2015 By In Fax to Email No Comment

In order to receive a fax by email, you would firstly need to set up an account that allows you to do this. There are a few online faxing service providers available for people to choose from and they each have something special to offer. You can simply read through the available ones and choose the one that would best suit you.

Once you know which one to try out, the signing process is very easy. The first requirement is a valid email address. It is to this email address that the generated fax number will be connected to. You will need to fill out a form requesting a few of your details, including the email address. Once completed, you will be requested to verify the account by responding to an email sent to your chosen email’s inbox. After the verification process is complete, you can click activate and begin using the service.

After the account has been set up and a fax number has been generated, you can then begin to receive faxes by email. All you have to do is give a person your new fax number and they can send you a fax that will be delivered to your email’s inbox. They can send the fax via a normal fax machine or through another online faxing service.

When you receive a fax in your email, it will come as an attachment. When it is sent, it is converted into PDF form or any other format you would have chosen. You can then retrieve the fax and read it. if it is something important, you can deal with it immediately and accordingly. However, if it is spam, you can delete it. This is unlike a normal fax machine that will print out any faxes received regardless of whether or not they are important.

When receiving a fax by email, you will enjoy numerous benefits such as being able to access your faxes regardless of where you are. All you will need is access to the internet and our emails. This can be through a computer or a mobile device such as an ipad.