How To Deal With Junk Faxes

July 3, 2012 By In Business, Fax to Email No Comment

Junk mail, whether it be via post or fax from email can be very frustrating. It normally has information that is not of any value or important to you in anyway. This junk mail is not only limited to e-mails, but can also be sent via fax machine. Not only can it be frustrating, but it is also illegal.

Most junk faxes have unsolicited advertisements, or will be telling you that you won a lottery of some sort. These are usually scams that are aimed at getting your personal information. Just as you should ignore the ones on your e-mail, the fax spam messages should also be ignored.

Also, junk fax messages can clog up your fax machines and block important faxes from coming through. In addition, you will have paper, ink and electricity wasted as the spam faxes are being printed. It thus, becomes important that you get rid of them.

The first step you can take is to prevent them all together by keeping your fax number as private as possible. This will ensure that not just anyone can open a phone book and send you these unsolicited faxes.
If it is too late for that, you can send an opt-out notice to the people sending you the spam faxes. This should be enough for them to stop sending the messages, legally speaking.

If this does not work, you can take a further step. As mentioned before, unsolicited fax adverts are in violation of the law and you can take legal action against the senders. The first step you can take is to send a complaint to the communications commission in your country. They will be able to assess the situation and be able to stop the sending of any more faxes as well as impose a fine.

If all else fails, you can sue the junk mail senders. You can sue for costs of printing and loss of business due to the faxes clogging your machine.