How Online Fax Apps Work

June 14, 2012 By In Fax to Email, Internet No Comment

Smartphones have taken over the business market, and are quickly becoming the primary way of communicating, doing business and handling daily tasks. Smartphones are not only used for verbal communication via phone call, but emails and instant messaging are also becoming important aspects of business. So why should your faxes be any different?

Many online fax service providers have introduced free apps for smartphones such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and many other smartphones that support apps.

Read on for a quick overview as to how these services work, and whether they are right for you!

Why Get a Smartphone Fax App?

• Fax wherever there is internet access
• No need to sign into your email or online fax
• Increased mobility, without losing touch with clients

How Do The Apps Work?

• Extremely similar to online fax using a computer
• Send and receive online faxes without needing to log in – it’s right there at your fingertips!
• Find names, numbers and fax numbers quickly from your smartphone’s phone book
• Fax photographs taken from your phone
• Notifications on your sent faxes

What Does Everyone Else Think of Fax Apps?

• Rave reviews and positive response
• Extremely helpful when on the go
• Stay in touch without any hassle
• Save time
• Instant Access
• Easy to Use

Online Fax Apps have really come through in changing the way we do our faxing. From a boring long process to something simple and easy. isn’t it time you get your fax to email? Visit FaxFx to get started.