How Fax Forms An Integral Part Of Business Communications

May 30, 2013 By In Blog, Fax to Email Comments Off on How Fax Forms An Integral Part Of Business Communications

While the general perception regarding conventional faxing may be that it is on the way out and has seen better days, the truth of the matter is that conventional fax still has a vital role to play within certain business models as it pertains to communication processes. This is particularly true in certain industries such as the food and beverage industry and the broader shipping industry as well as other so called verticals.faxing

What is most certainly true for these types of industries is that while faxing as a form of communication remains a staple, the way in which this fax communication is now handled is somewhat different to the traditional. Today faxing has transformed with the times and technologies and is now known broadly as internet faxing or fax to email. This new form of faxing, the next step in the evolution of faxing in fact is vitally important to not only large corporation that rely on fax to email for bulk printing or production faxing, but also small and medium enterprises as well in both the shipping industry and the restaurant industry.

These industries rely on faxing for all orders pertaining to stock requirements and so on. The plus with using products such as fax 2 email and the like is that all faxes arrive in the email inbox of the recipient which ensures confidentiality and security. Another important group that relies on faxing via fax to email services is the retail industry. The retail industry typically requires some form of hard copy invoicing and order processing and fax to email is the perfect solution, providing a fast and secure way to transmit faxes online and then open, download and or print hard copies as needed.

In many instances the above described industries are re3quired by law to comply with certain regulations such as the HIPAA act or the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability act as well as other regulatory acts such as Sarbanes – Oxley and so on. Fax to email provides a much clearer trail for auditors to track, thereby creating an environment that is far easier to regulate. For more information on faxing visit