Go Green With Internet Faxing

October 31, 2012 By In Fax to Email No Comment

Stop and think for a minute. How many faxes are sent every minute of every day around the world? For every 5000 pages that are used a tree is cut down. Now consider that a small company may easily be capable of using 5000 pages per month not to mention how many pages a large corporation is capable of using. Now ask yourself is every fax page printed actually used especially when a conventional fax machine will automatically print a cover for every fax as well as printing any and all faxes that are sent.

This is a terrible waste of resources. The threat of global warming is very real and can be seen every day in our environment. It is for this reason that the going green initiative was started to educate the general public about global warming everywhere around the world. Changes are being made these changes include hybrid cars, halogen lights and now an online fax service. The fax to email function delivers the fax directly into your emails inbox.

Using the internet to fax service you will even help save water, electricity and reduce pollution. Research shows that convectional fax machines use over 200 billion pages per year. That is to say if only five percent of these faxes were sent via a fax service online a minimum of one million trees would be saved.

When you fax from the internet you reduce CO2 emissions. You may ask how that is possible when a fax machine is left on standby mode for 24 hours it omits 200kg of CO2 per day.

Using an online fax service like Fax Shield will in future reduce old electronic materials such as toner cartridges to be discarded on landfill sites. Research shows that by year end 2012, 1.9 billion cartridges will find their way to a landfill site leaking harmful poisons into the earth.

With proof that traditional fax machines are part of an ongoing cycle that is dangerously harmful to the environment and people in general. If each person takes it upon themselves to make use of an internet to fax facility, he or she will have taken a huge step towards reducing their own carbon footprint. Sign up for environmentaly friendly online faxing services from Smc Fax.