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Living and working in an environmentally friendly or green manner is something that many people would love to do. Society has begun more aware of the earth and how our actions affect it since global warming has become a topic of such growing concern. Fax to mail is one of the many things that people can do to ensure that they are living in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Online fax e-mail solutions have the following environmentally friendly features:

  • No Consumables: When choosing to use a fax service online, you would not have to buy and replenish the consumables in the same way that you would if you use a traditional fax machine. Fax paper, toner cartridges and fax machine repair or replacement parts are some of the consumables that you would have to buy when using a fax machine. All you need when using an internet to fax service is a device with which to access your email and an internet connection.
  • Less Waste: One of the attributes of a home or office that negatively affects its carbon footprint would be the amount of waste that is produced. When you choose to fax from the internet, you will notice a massive reduction in the amount of paper waste created. This is because there is no need for any hardcopy when you send fax to email or receive faxes online.
  • Less electricity consumption: Traditional fax machines need a constant supply of power in order to receive and send faxes. Opting for a device that needs such an excessive amount of electricity is not a very environmentally conscious way to live or conduct business. Fax to email services do not require a constant supply of electricity. A nominal amount of electricity is used when users check their fax to email accounts.

These are the top three ways in which a switch from conventional fax solutions to an online fax service can help you reduce your overall carbon footprint. There are also many free fax to email services available. This free fax service is both affordable and environmentally friendly.

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