Funny Fax Prank

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Comfax 4

When I was younger, the first time I ever saw a fax machine I was excited to say the least.

My dad unpacked the modern marvel and went about reading the manual. Eventually it was time to send a fax. Unfortunately the only other  fax machine we knew of, was the one at my dad’s surgery so the wait began. The next day I heard the fax phone ringing, I ran up to the machine and stared in anticipation.

A fax came out on this weird shiny paper, it said hello on it. I couldn’t hide my excitement I grabbed it and ran around the house. Later I was sitting near the machine hoping someone would send me a fax, fantasies that I would be asked to become a secret agent were floating around my young mind. Then I got an idea, I decided that it would be funny to send my dad an empty packet on Nik Naks.

Needless to say he didn’t receive the packet and I knew that when he got home, I better hide on the roof.