Free Fax By Email


Man has been finding various methods of communicating and sending information since the inception of the business era. The methods have varied over time but some of the most recognizable ones include telegrams, snail mail, telephone and email. Fax machines were a huge advance in the way individuals and companies communicate, as it allowed people to send and receive documents quickly, without having to mail or deliver them. But in recent years, the fax machine has fallen out of favour and made way for a newer, more convenient alternative: faxing by email.

The first device recognizable as a fax machine was invented in 1924 by Richard H. Ranger. Two years later, the fax machine was introduced to the world and is still used today by millions of individuals and companies. But there are downsides to the traditional fax machine: like any piece of equipment, it requires maintenance and every now and then, the professionals need to be called in to do repairs. Along with that extra cost, there needs to be a constant supply of ink and paper.

Traditional fax machines are also bulky, taking up much-needed space. Fax to email allows users to send and receive faxes through their email address, negating the need for a fax machine. Because all files are stored electronically, users can save paper, as documents can be printed out only when they need to be.

Online faxing also helps to save filing space, as all files are saved on your PC instead of filing cabinets.There are many fax to email service providers out there, some even offering the service free of charge. Before signing up with a free fax to email, ensure that you know the terms and conditions. Some send adverts with the faxes you send out, which may come across as unprofessional in a business setting. Many also limit the amount of faxes you can send and receive.

Like any form of technology, the fax machine had humble beginnings and continues to develop today to become smaller, more convenient and more integrated into our lives.