Faxing The Requirements

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send requirements via fax machine

Fax machines are expensive. Fact. Fax machines are hideous. Fact. Fax machines sound like machines dying in your office. Fax. Fax machines also sound like the new music your teenagers are ‘stomping’ to. Fact. Fax machines are no longer relevant…. FACT! Now, after your moment of performing a ‘happy dance’ next to the big bulky bastard of a machine… give it a little kick… and go to your boss and explain this to him: “Fax to email is the way forward Sir!” Yes, its well and truly is.

The internet has provided us all with the opportunity to save money – by getting free fax to email services and it has saved us time because with online faxing, you can receive your fax from absolutely anywhere in the world. Fact!