Faxing Made Easy

April 22, 2013 By In Fax to Email Comments Off on Faxing Made Easy

Why do people still send faxes? You may ask yourself. Well this is an answer that only they can give you. At least the way that we send faxes have changed considerably over the last couple of years, for most of us anyway. There are still those individuals that might enjoy standing at the fax machine for 30 minutes waiting for their fax to be sent and then phoning the receiver to make sure that their fax has been sent. The better way of doing this, if you really have to is via fax to email.

FAx-to-EmailCellular phones or hand held computers with call capabilities can also be turned into mini fax machines. It is very simple actually, you can send a PDF file or a photo of the document to the recipient as a fax, by ether using a regular fax to email service or by using MaxEmail, which is an app for iOS which allows you to send fax form you cellular telephone to an email address. Now although it may take a little longer than sending a fax via the modern fax machine, it is convenient.

The nice thing about this app is that it links all of your document apps such Google Docs and DropBox so that you can send faxes from there to. The unfortunate part however is that you only get a thirty day free trial and there after you can choose one of the service plans. Although it will cost you, it is nothing for the convenience of being able to send faxes from wherever you are. Although the fax to email service might work slightly better if the document that you want to send is already saved in your email or on your smart phone.

Although both fax to email and MaxEmail work on relatively the same principal, for convenience Maxemail wins if you are sending form your phone, due to the reason that it allows you to send documents from your Google docs account and your Dropbox, however in an office environment or from a laptop, fax to email is even a better choice and fax to email is free.