Faxing Is Still Important In Business Communications

July 4, 2012 By In Business, Fax to Email No Comment

Faxing is still widely used all over the world as means of communication, and although most communication in the world is either done via instant messaging or email, faxing still remains a pertinent service in some industries. Industries that still use faxing as form of communication are industries such as shipping yards, courier companies, airport baggage handling as well as most restaurants. These industries rely on having hard copies of order forms and other documents pertinent to their industry.

Large companies use a form of faxing called production faxing which is bulk faxing. Faxing in bulk allows these companies to send large amounts of documents and order forms to where they are needed. As most of these documents contain special order numbers for different jobs that are being sent out, this is especially true in the shipping industries, as thousands of items, stocks as well as perishables are sent out daily and in order to keep things running smoothly, production faxing is essential.

Faxing in any form can be quite a process, from running to fax machines, waiting for confirmations and then doing it all again. Larger corporations specifically hire people to do this job and especially in those industries where production faxing is essential for order forms and invoices. Due to technological advancements this could however be a thing of the past, as most faxing nowadays is done by means of fax to email or vice versa. It is not even necessary to have telephone line faxing anymore, this can be done via FoIP, which is fax-over-internet-protocol. Internet to fax is cheaper than conventional faxing.

Fort those restaurants and other industries that need those hardcopies of order forms, invoices and other important documents for compliance to health boards and such, FoIP is one of the most cost effective ways to send faxes. The main reason that these industries need to use faxing for compliance is so that there is a paper trail to follow and this is not the case with fax to email as there is no confirmation as there is with faxing.