Faxing Is Soo Last Century

April 26, 2013 By In Fax & Email, Fax to Email Comments Off on Faxing Is Soo Last Century



The fax machine serves the same purpose as the carrier pigeon would… absolutely no purpose at all. It is a machine that can now be recycled into a door stop – or it can creatively be used as a steam-punk accessory. Fax to email is the new age answer to the transportation of important documents and information. OH, and did I mention that your business can acquire free fax to email solutions. How epic is that?! Technology truly is awesome. Internet fax is honestly the most cost-effective and efficient form of communication for businesses – and you can receive your faxes from wherever you are in the world – provided an internet connection is available. So, throw that fax machine away (recycle rather) and get on doing what it is you do best… making money! For information on online faxing services visit:

  • www.receive-fax.org
  • www.receivefaxesonline.net