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Faxing is essential in the business world and without it… well without it we will know. The problem with faxing is that it is generally a time consuming exercise that can take quite a while. Ink and paper jams and queuing of faxes. This can get quite frustrating and the amount of money that is spent monthly on stationary and repairs is ridiculous. The is however a way that you can send faxes free as well as have it sent in seconds. This is known as fax 2 email.

fax to email joysThe fax to email service allows users to send a fax straight to an email or vice versa. This means that faxes get sent straight from the device or computer to a recipient and it can be done from anywhere. This means that for those individuals that need to send ID documents or any other important document there is no longer need to take a trip to the post office or local stationary store to send a fax. The faxes that are sent online are sent as data, which is the way emails are sent.

In order to use this fax 2 email service you need to register with a service provider. Most service providers offer the basic fax to email service for free. Once you have registered with a service provider you can create an email address for faxes sent and received or you can use an existing email address. You need to make sure that you have an internet connection in order to be able to use this service. It can also be a connection via a dongle.

Internet fax has allowed many companies to save time and money by using the service. It eliminates the need for all the extra expenses that are incurred on a monthly basis due the use of a fax machine and it also eliminates the lengthy faxing process which means employees have more time to do other things. The great thing is that this service also eliminates the need for tedious filing systems and the possibility of faxes and other documents getting lost as everything can be saved onto files on the computer. For more information on fax to email services you can contact an internet service provider.

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