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Fax machines are an integral part of any functioning office, and although gadgets are becoming smaller and more mobile, the importance of a fax machine remains. But there are issues with using a traditional fax machine: you have to have a constant supply of ink and paper, they take up space and require regular maintenance and repairs.

Since the introduction of email to fax services, many companies are choosing to utilize this service instead of turning to traditional fax machines. Fax to email is extremely simple: When signing up for a fax to email (sometimes stylized as fax 2 email) service, you will receive a fax number that people will send their faxes to. The fax to email service will convert your fax into a PDF (or other format of your choice) and it will go straight into your email inbox. It doesn’t matter whether the person sending the fax is also using fax to email or is sending you a fax from a traditional fax machine.

In today’s business world, professionals often travel and are constantly on the move. Missing an important fax because you were “out of the office” simply isn’t an acceptable excuse anymore. With fax to email from Med Fax, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and access to your email inbox. Some online faxing service providers even offer services whereby you can have faxes sent directly to your smart phone, as well as being able to send faxes from your phone.

This increased mobility allows companies to keep up with the fast-paced business world and ensure that they do not lose any business due to not having a fax machine.

Another major benefit of online faxing is the fact that not only does it save space that would otherwise be taken up by a traditional fax machine, it saves filing space, storage space and is environmentally friendly. In the long run, using a fax to email service often works out to be more cost-effective, as there is no maintenance or repairs and no need to stock up on paper and ink.

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