Fax To Email – Why Japan Refuses To Enter The 21st Century

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fax machines JapanJapan’s affection for the fax is partly about its love of a solid paper trail

Galapagos syndrome is a Japanese term used for that part of the world that have delayed or urbanized separate from the rest of the world. One of the main platforms of evidence is the omnipresent fax.

Comfortable in their current processing, millions of Japanese favour sending reports by fax as an alternative to going online. There is this precedent of universal approval in Japanese companies to own a fax machine. There is no hunger to settle into online faxing.

Japanese offices have their secretaries still observe the eternal gesture of publishing documents through the fax that sits in the spot to reach the boss man to look at. This structure of honour is accomplished by almost 90 per cent of Japanese businessmen, who still think the fax is a fundamental business tool.

Japan was fast in embracing fax equipment in the 1980s. It meant businesses could mark typescript from their intricate structure on paper. Free fax services in the offices became a tribute-like practise for each character. Japan makes use of three different alphabets and around 2,000 Chinese-external characters. Traditions are part of the role too, lots of Japanese still favour hand-written over typed documents.

The warmth to the machine comes from a solid paper trail. As long as they can find the origin and narrative, it comforts them.  Papers with diverse levels of significance are used for the fax to email process; however they prefer to deliver it in their hands, as a personal gesture. Falling back on the facsimile works, they have never had a problem.

Although their knowledge is above most countries, Japan has clutch onto the fax as a timeless machine. The country has over a third of their population occupied by pensioners, so creating a provision for Smartphones which facilitate these people to send mail from faxes to mobile phones. The value in written letters and professional communication is held in high regard in Japan.

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