Fax Me Your Email….

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Fax Fx 3

Imagine the disbelief I experienced when I was in London on a year off from school and I was in a night club.

People I was hanging around with were having a discussion about a new ground breaking technological service from Send A Fax called email to fax. The guy telling the story was known for being an exaggerator and a liar, so everyone dispelled it as a lie. But he kept on going on and on about.

Eventually I called him on it. I said you’ve been talking about it all night, no-one believes you dude, so shut up. We landed up making an alcohol fuelled bet that I would do his work for the whole week as well as mine if I was wrong. After the bar I walked to an internet café and hopped on Google.

The next day I decided that it was time to go to France to carry on my travels.