FAX Machines Versus PC Fax/modems

For many years people have relied on the fax machine and still there are those that refuse to let go of the old technology. Nowadays there are those individuals that have discovered the joy of sending faxes via their pc, whether it is via a fax modem or a new service called fat to email services. Fax to email services allow for individuals to send faxes via email. This means that is no longer need for those bulky fax machines that only take up space and cost an arm and a leg to keep running. Here’s the fact aboFax to emailut fax machines that you do not want to hear.

Fax machines are expensive and they cost tons of money to continue running. Stationary is specifically needed on a monthly basis for a fax machine, these include; ink, toner and paper. Paper is the number one thing that can put one of a fax machine for good. Fax machines print everything and to some people this is a good thing as it serves as confirmation to them that their fax has been sent. There are some of the stuff that has been faxed that is printed unnecessarily, but that is what a fax machine does, it prints. This uses Up ink and toner and also can be the cause of a lot of stress and frustration and paper jams.

Now moving onto the new age, newer fax machines are able to plug into your computer meaning they can act as fax modems. This means that you can send a fax directly from your computer; however you will still receive a fax in a print version, now email to fax means that faxes received and sent are done via email. This means that you only really have to print a fax if necessary; it can be otherwise saved to your computer. This means that there is no unnecessary wasting of ink or paper.

What we have learnt is that using a fax machine might have had its benefits twenty years ago, but they have now been outweighed by new systems that are both cost effective and easy to use. Read more at P fax or at PG Fax.