Fax Machine Repair And Services Tips

Fax machines allow for paper documents to be sent over a distance to another fax machine that will print out the document. They are easy and cheap to maintain and their running costs are also considerably low. There has been the emergence of internet faxing over the last few years, but there is still a considerable number of people that own and use fax machines.

Plain paper and thermal are the two types of fax machines used. Plain paper fax machines use laser or ink jet printers to print out the message being sent through the fax machine. Thermal faxes use heat to print a series of dots on special thermal paper to produce the document that has been sent through.

In order to ensure that your fax machine, whether thermal or plain paper, it is important to have routine checks on them. Looking out for any potential problems will help you fix them before they become worse. By using good quality fax supplies, you will also contribute towards the well being of your fax machine.
Cleaning it regularly and getting rid of any dust also helps keep it in good condition. You can use canned air as well as denatured alcohol to do the cleaning. While you cleaning, you can also look out for any potential problems.
In addition, keep your fax machine in a cool dry play away from direct heat. Heat can dry out the chemicals, paper and toner in the fax machine.

If your fax machine is suddenly not sending or receiving faxes, you need to check the obvious first. This means checking that the line connection is in securely and that there is a dial tone for the fax machine.
If there are any spots or marks on printed faxes or the original document that you have just faxed, you will need to open up the machine and clean it up.  For information on internet fax services to go with your fax machine visit .